Infant Summary



Every moment with your infant is precious at Peaceful Beginnings! The infant environment, is designed to meet your child’s every need and demand! There is open floor space for your infant to crawl and move about. There is a rocking chair to soothe and rock your infant into a peaceful rest! An assortment of Montessori materials to engage your infant’s cognition and lovely European beds to allow your infant the freedom and mobility to be “free” to move around the room at his/her own pace. During Devotion time your infant will hear spiritual songs and be introduced to praise and worship and in closing of Devotion your child’s teacher will send forth blessings for your infant in prayer. 

We know that letting your infant come to us may be difficult. But rest assured each contact and care-giver your infant encounters will work with you hand in hand to help your child feel as comfortable as possible. You will be given a daily written report about your child’s day as well as encouragement to help support the growth taking place in your infant! 


Language Development 

The Infant Language Curriculum consists of day to day conversation as your infant is being cared for and moving about the classroom. Formal Lessons in language will consist of: 

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT CARDS- Weekly themed based vocabulary enrichment cards which are presented as a large group lesson. 

YOUR BABY CAN READ PROGRAM- A Video Taped progressive curriculum which enriches word to picture associations. 

SIGN LANGUAGE- An introduction to sign language of gestures and simple words used in day to day communication. 

INTRODUCTION TO PHONICS- An introduction to the beginning phonetic sounds in the alphabet, through sound and symbol. 

Sensorial Curriculum

The Sensorial Curriculum will train the senses which will help prepare your infant for future academic lessons. Such lessons will increase visual discrimination, large and small motor development, sound recognition and the tactile sense. 

Practical Life Curriculum 

The Practical Life Curriculum will increase independent skills, eye-hand co-ordination, observation skills and concentration skills. Simple lessons in dressing, grooming and feeding will promote independent skills. 

Pre-Math Concepts

Simple Counting and finger plays will help your infant have a strong foundation of number sense. 


There will be one Chapel time and two Devotion times in the Infant Community. This is a time to show reverence to God, do praise and worship and engage in Bible stories. A special prayer and blessing will be prayed over your infant daily during Chapel and Devotion times.