1. All items should be labeled with your child’s name on each INDIVIDUAL piece and placed in a Ziploc bag.

2. Surplus such as diaper wipes, pampers etc…, should be bought in on Monday mornings and labeled accordingly. (due to limited storage space, please bring in only items in quantities that will be used for the week, your child’s teacher will notify you if your child runs out of an item) some parents at our school participate in Community Diaper wipes. (if your child does not need a particular brand) your child’s teacher will inform you of the time that you should replenish diaper wipes. 

3. Blankets that are used for naptime should be light in weight and the length of your arm a neural or solid color. Ex. An infant Receiving Blanket is an appropriate size (no cartoon character blankets please) Children ages 3 and under need a napping blanket.

4. No Back packs are allowed at school. All items should be coming in a Ziploc bag. Items that are of significant value are highly discouraged from being brought to the school. Children in our after school program, may bring their BACK PACKS. No DIAPER BAGS, due to storage space, please bring items in labeled Ziploc bags. On the outside of the bag please make a list of its contents, your child’s name and your child’s teacher’s name.

5. Your child must report to school in APPROPRIATE SCHOOL UNIFORM DRESS CODE. Jackets, Coats, Sweaters must be solid navy blue, red or white to match school uniform. Jackets should be easy for your child to take on and off independently. Jackets should also be light in weight and not bulky. Hair accessories should be limited and must match school uniform. Shoes should be SOLID COLOR, Black, Navy Blue, White or Red (no light up devices on shoes are allowed nor shoes with roller skates attached to the bottom of the shoe. (no cartoon characters should be on the shoe) Only on FRIDAYS may your child wear tennis shoes. Your child may also wear a jogging suit on FRIDAYS ONLY, jogging suits should be solid Red, white or blue with FRIDAY T-Shirt.

6. Training Diapers should be a brand that has open and close device on the side.

7. Belts should be easy for your child to remove independently. 

8. No TOYS or stuffed animals are allowed in the school. 

9. Consult with your child’s teacher for appropriate items to bring in for SHOW and TELL.

10. No electrical devices are allowed at the school.


We live in a society that is overly immersed with media influences and advanced marketing strategies to boost sales productions. At times these tactics cover the intent of the product and its actual use. At PEACEFUL BEGINNINGS MONTESSORI ACADEMY we are instilling core values, such as character trait development, social grace and common courtesies. We feel that by allowing cartoon characters on clothing will promote a distraction from the learning process. Our hope is that you will enjoy these items with your children on the weekends and after school. Thank you for your support and aiding to the TOTAL character development for your child.