Programs Offered

-Praise Dance/Jazz Dance- Creative Art- Vacation Bible School- Grace/ Etiquette Classes- Basketball Camp- Music/Choir- Drama Classes- Field Trips- Cooking Classes- Field Day-Montessori Lessons- Homerun Baseball-Reading Enrichment Camp- 

Praise Dance/Jazz Dance 
Children will learn how to Praise God through interpretation of Song and Dance. Jazz Dance will help your child to be more poised as they learn Jazz techniques and movements. 

Creative Art 
Children will use their artistic abilities as they create “Themed” art projects each month. The goal of art in MONTESSORI is PROCESS not PRODUCT! We congratulate all children as they use their artistic abilities to express themselves. 

Vacation Bible School 
One week out of the month will be devoted to INTENSE study of the BOOK of JOHN. Children will learn about SERVANTHOOD, STEWARDSHIP, INTEGRITY, FORGIVENESS and GRACE. Vacation Bible School will end with a STUDENT/TEACHER LOCK IN! Older children will get a chance to visit a nursing home to exemplify STEWARDSHIP and SERVANTHOOD. 

Grace/Etiquette Classes 
Children will learn Social Grace& Common Courtesy lessons for: Confidence & Poise, Self-Esteem, Dinning Etiquette, Values and Virtues & Party Manners 

Basketball Camp 
All boys ages 3 -12 are invited to learn the techniques and styles of the NBA PLAYERS! Classes are taught at a self-paced rate. 

Your little singer will learn how to use tempo, pitch and echo as they learn the styles used by FAMOUS MUSICAL ARTISTS. The History of how famous singers began will be studied also. 

Drama Classes
Drama Classes will be taught by learning Dramatic terms, how to set up a stage with props and lights and be a part of a cast in a PLAY. 

Children will attend 2 scheduled field trips during the summer program. 

Cooking Classes 
Your little CHEF will learn how to follow a recipe from beginning to end. Nutrition and Sanitation skills will be taught as well. 

Field Day 
One Friday out of each month will be dedicated to fun filled outdoor activities. Parents are welcome! We will have fun and games, snow cones, Barbeque… just to mention a few activities!

Montessori Lessons 
All children will be able to complete Montessori Lessons throughout the day. Each child will be able to sharpen skills they have learned throughout the year. Older Children will have EXTENDED DAY CLASS. In our EXTENDED DAY CLASS the older children will focus on Montessori lessons in, Mathematics, Phonics and Reading skills. 

Homerun Baseball Ages 18 months-3 years 
Foe Boys ages 18mos-3 years. Your little baseball player will learn simple base running and base recognition, throwing the ball in an overhand motion, socialization skills, taking turns and improve eye-hand coordination. 

Reading Enrichment Camp 
The skills taught in the Reading Camp will be, learning how to read and sharpening reading skills. Those who struggle with reading as well as the very fluent reader will benefit from this program. The Reading Enrichment camp will be held on Saturdays from 10 -1. The Camp is for children ages 4-12. Children whom attend the Academy and any other child you feel would benefit from this program is invited to attend. Please join us for an Informational Meeting and Registration on June 12 at 11:00. Classes will begin Saturday July 10.