Your After school child is sure to have Fun at Peaceful Beginnings Montessori Academy! As he completes his homework he will have the opportunity to participate in our Extra –Curricular Activities. 


As well as Bible Study. He will build his Social skills as he relates and interacts with his peers. After school children will be served snack upon arrival from school. This will allow him the time to transition and prepare to do his homework.


Your child will have uninterrupted time to complete their homework with the assistance of an Educator. The Educator will check his homework for completion. Your After-School child will then transition to outside time and finish their day with Bible Study and Arts and Crafts. 


Your after Schooler is welcome to register for our many Extra-Curricular activities that we offer After School. Such activities include: Praise Dance, Music, Art, Basketball, Spanish, Grace & Etiquette classes, Cooking and Drama Classes.


We also offer Private Tutoring Lessons to assist your child in any subject t hat they may be struggling with in school. Our Instructors are well equipped in all subjects to offer the extra help that your child may need.


Alongside with a well planned after school program, the Instructors will be incorporating Biblical principals as well as Montessori philosophy throughout the evening.